First Aid Training

Last week the whole school participated in first aid training. We spent some time learning about how to help someone if they are hurt, what number to call in an emergency and how to treat a nose bleed or a cut hand. The students were excellent at answering questions and helping the trainers role play various first aid situations.


What did you enjoy about the First Aid training?



Welcome to term three!

After a two week wintery break we are back at school ready for lots of fun activities and new learning. There was a lot of excitement in the air this morning as the students in 1C entered the classroom with many holidays stories. There were trips overseas or interstate, visits to Melbourne, lost teeth, lost tonsils, new puppies, surfing stories and lots of people who snuggled up inside and spent the holidays reading books. It was great to see so many happy, well rested faces. We are all looking forward to the term ahead.

This term we will be exploring the topic of ‘living thing’ during inquiry. We will be looking at the world through scientists eyes and investigating the features and characteristics of living things and what they need to survive. Students will do activities based around plants and animals and will even be given the opportunity to work on an artistic project related to this theme towards the end of term.

In Maths we will be focussing on the following topics:

  • Shape
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Chance and Data
  • Fractions
  • Money

We will continue to build our accuracy, fluency and comprehension strategies during reading as well as improving and expanding our vocabulary. This week we are focussing on choosing good fit books.

In writing we will be learning how to write persuasive texts and information reports.

We are looking forward to a great term together!

What are you looking forward to this term?

Switching on to Mathletics

Mathletics is a fun and engaging computer based program which allows us to learn, practise and consolidate our mathematical understandings. This week in 1C we have been learning to use the computers to access and explore Mathletics. Every student at Barwon Heads Primary school is lucky enough to have their own Mathletics account. Teachers are able to set work for individual students in order for them to practise new concepts in class and at home. ¬†The students in 1C did a great job of beginning to learn a new skill (how to use a computer) and were able to play a range of games together based on our learning focus ‘capacity’.

We are all looking forward to building on these skills as the year goes on ūüôā


IMG_1187 IMG_1189 IMG_1190


Excursion to Scienceworks!

‘It was getting darker and darker as the lights went out. Then suddenly…FLASH!!! The lightning show must be starting, I thought to myself. Then FLASH went the lightning again and again.’ – By Skye

On Thursday the grade ones took off on an adventure to Scienceworks. It all started with a big long bus ride. Once we got there we were allowed to explore the general viewing area. There was so much to see and do. Miss Campbell and Mrs Rogan’s group loved the star wars/space area where it felt like we were in a real space ship. After snack we went to the lightning room to answer one of our wonderings from inquiry ‘How is lightning made?‘. The lightning room was amazing (and a little scary), we learnt that lightning is made from friction which becomes electricity in the clouds. We also learnt the best ways to stay safe in a lightning storm.

After that we explored the ‘Nitty Gritty Super City’ exhibition/play area. The students loved getting involved with all the interactive displays. We went to the ‘weather room’ where we were able to record a pretend weather report. It was heaps of fun!

Finally we got back on the bus and returned to school. It was a great day!

A special thanks to all the amazing parent helpers who came and supported the staff and students.

IMG_4073 IMG_4092 IMG_4097

What was your favourite part of Scienceworks?

What did you learn about lightning?


Hello Harold

The Life Education van has arrived at Barwon Heads Primary and our grade got to be the very first grade to go in! We were greeted by Gay who was ready to talk to us about how we can make safe and healthy choices within our lives. We discussed some really important things like; how to help someone who is feeling sad, how to cross the road safely, what to do if we see a needle lying on the ground and how to make healthy eating choices. We also met another very important person who lives beneath¬†the van… Harold the giraffe!





What was your favourite part of being in the Life Education van?

Subtraction Learning Task

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about subtraction and the different strategies we can use to solve problems. The grade ones have been practising coming up with number stories, counting back using number lines, drawing the problem to help work it out and rearranging equations to make it easier to solve. ¬†The grade ones presented their understandings in these beautiful posters. They also investigated answers to a question about sharing chocolate. Everyone worked really hard and Miss Campbell was very impressed with their new skills in subtraction. Pictures of the students’ work and comments about the task will be available on compass this week!


Season Calendars

It seems that Autumn has finally arrived. The mornings are getting colder and the days are getting much shorter! As part of our inquiry unit we have begun exploring weather and how it effects our lives. The seasons play a big role in what we choose to do and the lifestyles we live. We are also learning the order of the months of the year in maths and these season spinners were the perfect activity to help us learn the months and seasons.

The students really enjoyed shading and constructing the spinners and were very excited to take them home and practise learning the months of the year.



What is your favourite season and why?


Welcome back to term two!

After a two week break, we are back at school and ready for another fun and busy term! Monday was the first day of term two and we were all very excited to see each other. We told lots of stories about our holidays and filled our Writer’s Notebooks with new ideas and memories. Some of our favourite holiday experiences were¬†the easter fair, fishing, camping, trips to Tasmania, hanging out at home, play dates, going to the footy and the movies.

This term we are really looking forward to doing lots more writing, reading and building our maths skills. Some of the topics we will investigate in maths over the term are:

  • Subtraction
  • Place Value
  • Time
  • Length

We are also really looking forward to exploring our new inquiry topic ‘Weather in Our World’ . ¬†We will be exploring these questions:¬†¬†How does weather impact the way people live? How can the way we live impact weather?


Our Community Walk

Our Inquiry topic for this term is Who We Are and How We Express Ourselves. Part of our unit of inquiry was to find out more about the community we belong to. Last week all the grade ones went for a walk in Barwon Heads to find out what makes up our community. We explored some of the natural and man made aspects of our community and chose our favourite part to draw. We also sent letters home to our families using our local post service.

Here are some photos from the day:

IMG_0828 IMG_0843 IMG_0846 IMG_0847-1 IMG_0848

What do you think are some important parts of our community?

Why do you think they are important?

Cross Checking

When reading a book sometimes we come to a word we are unsure of.  When this happens there are several reading strategies that can help us with our accuracy. Over the past week the students in 1C have been focussing on a strategy known as cross-checking.  Cross checking requires a person to constantly think and monitor meaning. It is a strategy for ensuring the words and pictures read make sens and match the letters on a page.When we cross-check we need to ask ourselves three important questions: 

Does the word we are reading look right?

(Does it match the picture or letters written? )IMG_0699

 Does it sound right?IMG_0700

 Does it make sense?


What other strategies do you know to help you figure out tricky words?

Happy reading!