Barwon Water Incursion

Today we had a visitor come from Barwon Water. He told us all about our wonderful water cycle. He helped us to understand where our drinking water comes from. He explained the journey of water from the catchment to our tap. We saw photos of the water catchment where our water is stored and photos of the water filter tanks that clean our water. It is a very interesting process. Miss Campbell and Ms Strong hope that the students all gained a greater understanding and appreciation for this precious resource – WATER!

What other interesting facts did you learn from our Barwon Water incursion today?

Do you have any water saving tips you could share?

7 thoughts on “Barwon Water Incursion

  1. Thank you for the new fancy drink bottle too!!! Eadie wanted her shower timed the other night to ensure she only had a 2 minute shower. Good work Eadie!

  2. You’re welcome Lochie! You are a pleasure to teach. I love how enthusiastic you are when we are learning new things. Keep up the great work!

  3. Never waste water because we won’t have any left, you could quick showers rather a full bath. From Paddy F.

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