Last week our character strength focus was ‘teamwork’. We worked as a team to brainstorm what good teamwork looks, feels and sounds like. We thought about how we could be a good team player and demonstrate teamwork in our lives. The students worked with teams to complete a few different activities. The first activity required excellent communication. One person in the group was given the role of ‘drawer’ and the rest were ‘communicators’. Miss Campbell has a drawing which only the communicators were allowed to look at. They then had to give their drawer instructions in order to recreate the picture. All students did a fantastic job and demonstrated excellent teamwork.

The second activity required teams to try and fit as many of their team makes inside the hula hoop without knocking it off the cones. The students had to listen carefully to each other and support each other to get in and out of the hula hoop.


One thought on “Teamwork

  1. Dear 1C,
    That would of been a challenging activity to do when you had to fit as many team mates in the hoop as you could and try to not nock the cones wow. I hope you all had a great time doing that activity and enjoyed using teamwork. The other game sounds like a load of fun and it sounds like you needed to use lots of cumunication skills and work together using teamwork. I hope you all had a great time doing the 2 activities and had lots of fun too. From Chloe ( Bayes sister.)

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