Reader’s Theatre

They students in 1C have been enjoying participating in Reader’s Theatre sessions in reading. Each group receives a script, is allocates characters and brings a play to life. Reader’s theatre is a terrific way to build confidence and fluency with reading. Miss Campbell was blown away by the expression the students used when performing their various parts! One group even got to perform their play of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’  to another class. Reader’s Theatre is heaps of fun and we can’t wait to work on our next lot of scripts.




4 thoughts on “Reader’s Theatre

  1. Hey miss Campbell and 1C,are you missing mini pickle Howard? Well you know what,Skye is coming back today for a blast. I hope Skye wasn’t trapped in a blizzard,BBBBBBBBRRRRRRR. Did you find any icebergs or icy pole sticks. I’m going to ask you some questions

    1: Did you have skiing lessons?
    2: Were you hilarious?
    3: Did you go well in skiing lessons?
    4: Did you have fun getting a good view on the ski lift?
    5: Did your dad come?
    6: Did your mum fall off the ski lift at some point?

  2. Dear 1C and missCampbell I hope everyone is really really enjoying readers theatre this term. I mean come on everyone’s got to enjoy readers theatre it’s the best reader activity in the world. You’ve got to just gotta enjoy readers theatre. Put your hand up how many people in this class like readers theatre. Leave a reply on the blog how many people like readers theatre. I beg that you or someone can leave a reply on this comment.

  3. Dear 1C and Miss Campbell.
    Does anyone in this class love readers theatre ?
    Please put your hand up and in class can someone please leave a reply on this comment and write how many people put their hand up.
    What do you like the most about readers theatre?

  4. Dear 1C and Miss Campbell, I have loved readers theatre to the moon and back for 3 terms. If you love readers theatre you are an absolut LEGEND. Cooper’s favourite thing to do in readers theatre is to poform it, Claudi’s favourite thing is to poform it.

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