BHPS’ Amazing Olympic Opening Ceremony

On Friday the students, parents and staff at BHPS were lucky enough to be part of our very own opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics. It was such a fun day! Every class took on the role of a different country and dressed in the colours of their flag. Our class was Argentina so we wore light blue and white. We all gathered  excitedly on the oval. There was chanting, balloons, cheering and excitement all around us. There were drummers, flag bearers and banner holders from every class. We marched around the oval as part of the ‘parade of nations’ then watched the torch come in on the back of a motorbike! We were even lucky enough to have a former Olympian (Johnny’s Grandpa) from the 1972 Olympic Games come and lit the cauldron. Our favourite part of all was when the pigeons were released. It was a fantastic celebration and an amazing day to be a part of!


What was your favourite part of the BHPS Mini Olympics?



2 thoughts on “BHPS’ Amazing Olympic Opening Ceremony

  1. Dear miss Campbell and 1C I hope you have had a legendary Olympic celebration. I know it was a while ago from now. But it doesn’t matter if I do a blog on this.

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