This week is National Reconciliation Week, the theme this year is Let’s take the next steps

Reconciliation week is about respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples. Watch the BTN stories and write a comment about what you learned and how you can show the charater strength of fairness and respect with others.


Word Accuracy

This week in reading, we are learning to use a range of strategies to figure out tricky words when we are reading. Some of the strategies that we have learnt:

To be successful at using a range of strategies, students should be able to say:

  • I can cross check to see if the pictures match what I read.
  • I can use graph sounds, digraph sounds and trigraph sounds to sound out new words.
  • I can stretch a word out and reread.
  • I can chunk to sound out words.
  • I can skip a word, then come back and reread. I can trade a word or guess a word that makes sense.

Handy Hint: When reading at home don’t just ask your adult readers to tell you a tricky word. Try using your strategies!

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What reading strategies do you use when reading tricky words?

Barwon Water Incursion

Today we had a visitor come from Barwon Water. He told us all about our wonderful water cycle. He helped us to understand where our drinking water comes from. He explained the journey of water from the catchment to our tap. We saw photos of the water catchment where our water is stored and photos of the water filter tanks that clean our water. It is a very interesting process. Miss Campbell and Ms Strong hope that the students all gained a greater understanding and appreciation for this precious resource – WATER!

What other interesting facts did you learn from our Barwon Water incursion today?

Do you have any water saving tips you could share?

Welcome to the Wonderful World of 1B & 1C

Miss Strong and Miss Campbell are very excited to welcome you to our new blog!

The blog will be used to showcase some of the wonderful work we are doing here in our shared classroom space. We will have lots of photos, stories and students work here on display. We will even be posting our weekly learning foci along with some handy hints to help parents and students at home.

The grade ones, along with their families, will be encouraged to check the blog regularly and leave comments about their work/learning. It will also be used to support our literacy and ICT lessons in class.

Looking forward to share this blog together!

Miss Campbell 🙂

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Book Week

‘Each year, across Australia, The CBCA brings children and books together celebrating Children’s Book Week. During this time Schools, Libraries, Booksellers, Authors, Illustrators and children celebrate Australian Children’s Literature. During this time you will often see Children’s Book Character Parades and talented librarians creating amazing displays.’  -The Children’s Book Council of Australia

This years theme was:  Australia! Story Country

In preparation for book week, we read a series of excellent books that were nominated for Children’s Book of the Year. At Barwon Heads Primary the favourite book in the early childhood category (as voted by students and staff ) was Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas by Aaron Blabey.


The CBCA 2016 Winner for Early Childhood was Mr Huff by Anna Walker.


The students all participated in the annual BHPS book week parade where we dressed as some of our favourite book characters. Here are some pictures from the day.

What was your favourite costume at the parade? 

Why do you love reading?


Werribee Zoo

Last week we went on and African adventure close to home to investigate living things and their habitats. When we arrived we embarked on a bumpy safari tour. We drove around the open plains and learnt about the animals, what they eat and where they live. It was amazing to be so close to such amazing animals. We learnt about some of the reasons many of them are endangered and what the zoo is doing to help the species survive.

After that we participated in the habitat detective workshop where we listened to the sounds of natures and looked for signs of living things in our environment. We talked about some of the things that all living things need to survive including shelter, water and food.

Finally, we had some free time to look around the zoo. There were so many things to see!

‘My favourite part of going to the zoo was seeing the gorillas’. –  Baye

‘My favourite part of going to the zoo was walking through the kids jungle to see the rhinos and it was really fun to play on the playground.’ – Isla. 

‘My favourite thing about the zoo was the safari bus because we got to ride around and see lots of animals’- Jake

What is your favourite animal? Why?


Last week our character strength focus was ‘teamwork’. We worked as a team to brainstorm what good teamwork looks, feels and sounds like. We thought about how we could be a good team player and demonstrate teamwork in our lives. The students worked with teams to complete a few different activities. The first activity required excellent communication. One person in the group was given the role of ‘drawer’ and the rest were ‘communicators’. Miss Campbell has a drawing which only the communicators were allowed to look at. They then had to give their drawer instructions in order to recreate the picture. All students did a fantastic job and demonstrated excellent teamwork.

The second activity required teams to try and fit as many of their team makes inside the hula hoop without knocking it off the cones. The students had to listen carefully to each other and support each other to get in and out of the hula hoop.


Reader’s Theatre

They students in 1C have been enjoying participating in Reader’s Theatre sessions in reading. Each group receives a script, is allocates characters and brings a play to life. Reader’s theatre is a terrific way to build confidence and fluency with reading. Miss Campbell was blown away by the expression the students used when performing their various parts! One group even got to perform their play of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’  to another class. Reader’s Theatre is heaps of fun and we can’t wait to work on our next lot of scripts.




BHPS’ Amazing Olympic Opening Ceremony

On Friday the students, parents and staff at BHPS were lucky enough to be part of our very own opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics. It was such a fun day! Every class took on the role of a different country and dressed in the colours of their flag. Our class was Argentina so we wore light blue and white. We all gathered  excitedly on the oval. There was chanting, balloons, cheering and excitement all around us. There were drummers, flag bearers and banner holders from every class. We marched around the oval as part of the ‘parade of nations’ then watched the torch come in on the back of a motorbike! We were even lucky enough to have a former Olympian (Johnny’s Grandpa) from the 1972 Olympic Games come and lit the cauldron. Our favourite part of all was when the pigeons were released. It was a fantastic celebration and an amazing day to be a part of!


What was your favourite part of the BHPS Mini Olympics?




Over the past week the students in grade one have been learning to identify and describe 2D shapes. We have been practising naming, drawing and describing the number of corners and sides of each shape. This week we will be learning all about 3D shapes. 2D and 3D shapes exist everywhere in the world around us. Today we went on a shape hunt around our school to try and see how many 3D shapes we could find. The students loved being ‘shape detectives’.



What are some of the similarities and differences between 2D and 3D shapes?